RICH Living Blueprint

How to increase your income, reduce debt and spend wisely while still having a life.

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Thursday, July 13th


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This free class will show you how to live RICH on the outside AND the inside

#Step 1

The proven methods for debt reduction that will keep you and your credit score happy

#Step 2

Discover how your income ceiling is killing your prosperity and your abundance vibe

#Step 3

Learn how to become a conscious spender and not a tap & go zombie

"Thanks Michelle. So much great content, as always, you are amazing! I will be watching the replay. " Kate Bell  

"I want to say a big thank you for last nights free online event, it was just want I needed. I had fallen victim to doubt and fear and uncertainty aspects in my life a good part of yesterday, (talk about challenging me on many front I get it). Last night I truly felt a flipper flip in my mind my whole body come back to a calm state that took me by surprise as the old paradigm was so strong to keep me stuck for want of a better word. The right people show up when we need to hear it the most so it time for a new flip into the atmosphere with the vision so clear and focused and make a shift... Thank you so much huge shift and feeling of being back on course again... THANK YOU" Janice Muir

"Michelle, I just want to say thank you. I watched the replay of Cracking the Code last night, and I was inspired. Today, though, I received even more inspiration. I was brooding on something that happened and your equation came to mind. Love your work." Sharon Hall

and I’m going to show you how I paid of $75,000 in consumer debt while still actually having a life.

No bankruptcy. No debt agreements. No defaults on our credit ratings.  

All paid off AND we kept our inner city 6 bedroom home, 2 vehicles, educated our kids and had loads of fun & &dventure along the way.  

Totally possible.  

If I can do it, you can do it.  

Join me and I’ll share with you my RICH Living Blueprint that is the foundation for my RICH Life.