money school - sept 2017

Money Should Be The Source Of Pleasure. Not Pain.




Enter: The Pit-In-Your-Stomach Stress You Know All Too Well. 

Money School is Here to Help You Live A RICH Life. Because It All Starts With Money. 

This isn’t another online program you’re going to ride out for 6 weeks, do the minimal work and get to the end with not a change in sight because life got busy. 

This program is here to educate you on everything you need to know about money, so you can manage your entire financial present and future and never stress about money again. 

Because right now, that frustrated furrow that’s settled in between your eyes like a constant frown is a sign you can’t argue with.

That frown is screaming: Freaking Hell! What’s it going to freaking take already?! 

Tired, drained and feeling 20 years older than your actual age, you’re wondering when running your own business is going to get easier. 

When are you going to get there? When are you going to finally have enough money?

Everyday is the battle between sticking it out in business and searching the job sites online to find a corporate job with a steady paycheck. 

All in the name of money. 

Today’s just one of those days you feel like throwing in the towel. Knee deep in procrastination and job searching, an ad pops up for a Brand New! Never Seen Before! Wizz Bang Flashy Marketing Strategy! that promises it’s going to transform your whole entire business in a heartbeat so you’re finally making more than enough money.

Another business plan, another strategy, another blueprint, all in the name of trying to figure out this cash flow equation.

A week later, your money situation hasn’t changed.

Your money hasn’t magically fixed itself.

Here’s why:

Plans And Strategies And Blueprints Are Not Your Problem.

 Your Thinking Is The Problem. 

Think about your bank account right now.

Notice what happens in your body.

  • That sinking feeling in your stomach as the realise how low the number actually is. 
  • That heart racing and that stinging feeling in your eyes as you wish so hard there was more money. 
  • That wandering mind, unsure if that automated bill payment has come out, taking your last few cents you were saving for the grocery shopping. 
  • That beating yourself up for being irresponsible knowing you’re deliberating avoiding paying that overdue bill because you can’t part with what little money you have left. 

It’s all fear.

And that’s the problem.

You’re Afraid Of Money. 

Money School is Here to Stop The Fear-Induced, Stressed-Out Money Cycle Forever. 

MONEY SCHOOL is here because money should be the source of pleasure, not pain.  

MONEY SCHOOL is here to upgrade your current thinking and associations around money. Because just like a software upgrade on your laptop, it's not incremental, RICH Living is a leap into a new way of thinking, and doing money.

MONEY SCHOOL is here because without the proper financial education, you’ll never be able to outgrow your money problems. 

No More Incremental Changes Or Dabbling Gently With Possibilities.

We’re Leaping Into A New Way Of Money Management And Money Flow. 

Don’t beat yourself up though. It’s not your fault.

Did you know it’s only been a little over 30 years that women have been allowed to open their own bank accounts? When the governments finally said ‘Okay ladies! You can open your own account’ they handed us credit cards too, and we were given a whole heap of money responsibility with absolutely no understand of how money works.

Money isn’t just numbers on your bank statement.

Money is more than whether you can afford to take the kids to the movies or not. 

Money is more than how big you paycheck is.

It’s always more than money.

Understanding money in it’s entirety is to understand how you think and feel and connect with money. 

It’s Always More Than Money. 

It’s Time You And Money Stop The Nasty Fights And Play Nice

And it’s my pleasure to be your financial educator.

I’m here to help you reprogram your beliefs and habitual patterns relating to money so you can live a RICH life.  

I don’t do budgets or SMART goals that stop you from having any fun. 

I do living, practical education, and visioning that allows you to master your money and finances while still enjoying all that life has to offer. 

Because Money Will Provide For You + Your Family If You Know How Money Works. 

Hello Healthy Bank Balance!

Money School Is Here To Educate You, Empower You + Realistically Teach You How To Make Money A Pleasure In Your Life. 

Money School IS 

The Alchemy of RICH Living

Because money’s one and only job is to take care of you.

And there’s no greater feeling in the world knowing that, without a shadow of a doubt, you have more than enough money to do the things you want to do.

Like, unlimited movies with the kids.

Saying yes to new head shots because your current ones are half a decade old.

Surprising your partner for a long overdue anniversary weekend away.

Buying that gorgeous dress for the races without it feeling like it’s a 10 year investment and that you should have spent the money on something more practical.

RICH Living is about living a RICH life from the inside out. 

RICH Living is about the small things, the big things, the luxurious things, the casual things - it's about connection and presence, living in the land of high vibes, appreciation and love. 

RICH Living is about finding harmony not balance - there's no tightrope walking here. Harmony is riding the highs and lows, being in flow and being ok with when it's not 

RICH Living is about peace. 

Change Your Money. Change Your Life. 

Money School Is Your Key To Your Financial Future. 

12 lessons over the course of 12 weeks. 

Here’s why we cover the course in 12 weeks: 

There’s no way you’re going to sort your money stress and worry out forever in a course that goes for a couple of weeks. 

Money it’s cyclical. 

As we work through the classes, different money situations will pop up during different times.

Think: big huge bills you only pay each quarter, and back to school supplies. Christmas blowouts and birthdays. Planning that getaway to the Gold Coast for the school holidays. 

Think: ebbs and flows of client work as you continue to run this business. Where you seem to have made more than enough in April, but coming into November, not a client in sight.

This is an education. The one you never got in high school. The one you never got in university. 


During the our time together, you will receive lessons from me along with my guidance on your personal situation.  

I’m going to be there, throughout all the big milestones that happen over our time together, 

I will walk you through each milestone so money is no longer fear or an issue in your life.

  • 12 lessons delivered over 12 weeks.

Each lesson is delivered as a video tutorial with workbook. You’ll get access to a new lesson each week and you’ll be able to work through the lesson at your own leisurely pace. There’s no issues if you miss a week, you’ll have access to the lesson to catch up on, and with coaching calls and an Exclusive Facebook Group to support you throughout the class, missing a week here and there doesn’t stop you from becoming your own money master. 

  • Weekly Q+A.

Each week you can have your questions answered by me, no matter where you are at. This is an opportunity to have your questions anwered personally by me. Submit your questions at anytime during your study to be answered each week.

  • 3 Live coaching calls with ME delivered monthly.

Each month we’ll jump on a coaching call where you get to ask me anything and receive personal coaching to help you through whatever life is throwing at you this month. All calls will be recorded, and there’ll be an opportunity to send through your questions prior to the calls if you can’t make it live. 

  •  Exclusive online portal.

You’ll get access to the Money School portal where you’ll have access to the lessons as well as the community forum to support you as you share the reality of your money situation in a safe, judgement free zone. You’ll be surrounded by others who’re diving into their own money reality, and actively shifting their money future, so come in here to receive extra support in between lessons and coaching calls. There’s always a solution just a brainstorm away.


Make Money The Source Of Pleasure In Your Life. 

Enrol In Money School.



SAY YES to a RICH Life and a big fat yes to Money School!! 

LOVE MONEY SCHOOL or your money back. 

Like the incredible and amazing women I’ve worked with before you (who have experienced outstanding results), I know you are going to love Money School. I know that the strategies taught in Money School will transcend your relationship with money and your life. And strategies aside, I have faith in your ability to do the work. 

Participate, work through the exercises, examine your beliefs and allow the experience to flow through you AND if after 30 days you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your enrollment fee. 

Something to think about … 

The interweb is jam packed with all sorts claiming to know everything there is to know about money mindset. Here’s the thing though, most of them don’t have the nitty gritty results from their clients to show you and not a proven track record in site. 

What I want you to know is that Money School is a proven way for creating a RICH Life. I have used this method with my clients (and you can see their testimonials) from all walks of life; single mums, small business operators, entrepreneurs and million dollar businesses. 

And heads up … this is not financial advice. I am not a finance professional - I am a financial literacy educator with a professional background in recruitment, business development, marketing and accounting. (And I’m a Feng Shui practitioner and Reiki Practitioner to boot!). 

While we are on topic ... I cannot guarantee that you’ll be rolling around on satin sheets with money falling from the ceiling or creating amazing savings accounts or reducing debt like a mad eyeed Sammy the squirrel from Over The Hedge. 

This program is about you. 

You will learn to fall in love with money, develop fantabulous money practices and that RICH Life you’ve been searching for will start unfolding before your eyes. 

RICH Living is an inside job.

Hey Michelle, money is such a stress for me right now that even though I know I need this program, I’m finding it hard to justify spending money on getting my money sorted.

Hey you. I get it. 

Cycling through the feast and famine, ebb and flow of being a business owner means spending a big chunk of money is scares you. 

Here’s a few things I want to talk to you about.

Spending versus investing.

Chances are, when you think about enrolling into the RICH Living Mastery Program, you think you’re going to spend money and never to see it again. 

That’s usually the case when you go out for dinner and drinks. All you’re left with are the memories of the delicious meal and the laughter, but financially, you’ve spent your money and you’re not getting that back.

This is different.

This is what is called an investment. 

When you invest in something, even though you do have to spend money initially, you’re doing so with the intention you’re going to make that money back.

That’s what this course is. You will make your money back if you work through the material with me.

The opportunity cost.

There’s something else I want to draw your attention to, and it’s call the opportunity cost. When you say no to investing in this program, what are you actually losing out on besides money? 

Let me rephrase this another way.

What will it cost you to not get a financial education, and be sorted financially for the rest of your life?

It might me that yes, you get to keep the initial investment in the short term, so it feels like you came out on top, but what happens when you’re client's dry up and you’re back in the stressful ebb part of the cycle? 

What happens when your kids need you to buy a whole new bunch of textbooks, and an ipad, and school supplies when they hit high school and you haven’t planned for it?

What happens when you’re old and it’s time to retire and you’ve got nothing?

Those are the opportunity costs.

This program will set you up financially for the rest of your life.

What’s the opportunity cost for you if you say no now?

Hey Michelle, how do I get my partner on board?

I get that it it may be a big investment for you and I understand that as a team this kind of spend needs to be run by your partner, totally get that. 

Here's a couple of ways the conversation with your love may start:  

"hey honey you know how we never seem to get on top of our money situation?  

"hey sweetheart you know how we always fight about money?  

"hey sugar you know how I want to grow/start my business?  

Can you see where this is going?  

Yes ... It is definitely about being in agreement with your partner about money.  

AND BIG FAT MOFO YES... It is about you.  

Your desire.  

Your determination to do life differently.  

To have a RICH Life.  

And guess what? Communication is one of the hot topics covered in Money School. You'll really be able to expand and evolve with your SELF and money.  

This is about your desire to get your relationship with money sorted. Your desire to have a rich life is greater than your desire to please someone else. It's your determination to have your life be different.  

You see yourself as the priority.  

This is NOT about asking your partner to change. That's not your business. That's between them and the universe.  

You can only control what YOU do moving forward. Moving forward into abundance and prosperity.

Hey Michelle, do you have a payment plan? 

I sure do. See below!

Make Money The Source Of Pleasure In Your Life. 

Enrol In Money School.